Accounting Services

Accounting System Set-Ups – Are you just starting your company? Or are you looking for a more efficient way to spend your time without drowning in paperwork? Let Dearholt Tax & Accounting help you in all aspects of the Accounting Process. We can assist in set-up, and show you how to do it on your own. Or, for your peace of mind, have us do the dirty work for you! Contact us for more information on the Accounting Set-Up process.

Financial Statements

Dearholt Tax & Accounting is ready to prepare and analyze your financial statements; personal or business. Contact us today to assist you in financial statement preparation.

Personal – Personal Financial statements are used to assist in obtaining loans, invest in real estate, or for goal planning.

Business – Business Financial statements are also required for obtaining loans and to evaluate the business and plan for the future.

Successful – Do you know how successful your business is? Your financial statements are an important measure of your business. We compile financial statements on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. We will also teach you how to read and use them to your advantage.

Tax Preparation and Planning

Personal – Are you the type of person that dreads doing your taxes? Or do you get stressed out when you think you have to pay in to the IRS? Here at Dearholt Tax & Accounting, we will sit down with you and plan your tax future with you.

Business – We specialize in working with small businesses and non-profits on all aspects of tax reporting; income, sales, excise.

Problem Resolution assistance with the IRS – Are you in trouble with the IRS? Are you being examined (audited) by the IRS or one of the various other taxing authorities (Minnesota Department of Revenue for sales, employment or income tax)? If you are tried of trying to resolve these problems on your own, make an appointment to speak with one of our advisors. We will assist you in plotting a course of resolution.


Payroll has become a complex area of reporting where missed deadlines can be extremely costly. No matter how large or small your business, we can prepare your payroll, process your payroll tax obligations, as well as assist you in maintaining any benefit reporting you may have. We provide you with easy-to-read payroll reports and copies of all filings for your future reference. Printed checks and direct deposit options are offered.